Jamie Goulding Rivenberg

Photographer | Writer | Storyteller

I’m a British photographer & writer based in the South East of England and London. Known for my candid approach to photojournalism and documentary photography, I love immersing myself in a situation, be it a vast landscape or an intimate human connection. My keen eye is able to capture and share the essence of a moment. 

My journey into photography started as a child, with a  bright green plastic film camera emblazoned with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Those childhood days taking underexposed photos of Lego models and low-angle shots of various family members’ legs firmly rooted my passion for capturing life as it happens. A lifelong adventurer, I’m a frequent traveller to destinations across the globe, focusing on honest shots of real people and places to tell stories of the world around us. 

As well as providing private shoots for families & weddings, my photographic work has featured in international lifestyle publications & digital media, including Grazia, Archant & MediaClash. I have provided commercial photography for a wide range of businesses, from boutique hospitality & artisan dining, to global tech companies, theatres & performers, as well as marketing & advertising agencies. 

Alongside photography, I’m also a published writer of travel, food and lifestyle articles for magazines and digital media. While much of my writing is complemented by the addition of my photographs, I’ve also served as a columnist and contributor for standalone written pieces.