Family Photography

I’m a family man, so I know how precious those special moments in life can be. Adventures with loved ones, visits from family members who live far away, and even the classic milestones like birthdays – all of them deserve to be captured in a way that can be treasured forever.

I like to photograph life as it happens, with minimal staging or awkward posing – and I actively encourage the poking out of tongues… and not just the kids!

Family photoshoots can be indoors or outdoors, at gatherings and parties, or just out and about on a normal walk in a place you love. It’s all about you, your family, and the memories you create together.

“We had a lovely walk and not only do we now have these wonderful photographs but also amusing and heart warming memories to go with them!

Jamie is incredibly talented and is able to bring out the best in everyone- even awkward smilers and shy little ones who don’t like having their photos taken. Not to mention his kind nature and he is just all round great fun to be around.”

Family portrait shoots are available for 30, 60 or 90 minute sessions, with the final package of photos tailored to suit your budget. Outdoor locations can be arranged depending on availability and season, or I can offer shoots in the comfort of your own home. Special occasions such as birthdays, christenings, naming ceremonies or anniversary parties can all be captured too, with bespoke packages priced to meet your needs.

So whether you’re looking for fun family photos, candid party snaps, or capturing a special celebration…