It’s been a while since I last posted, and there’s a simple reason. We’ve had a small human arrive in our lives – and she’s been pretty needy. But now that I am back, I have some explaining to do…

Finally, I am a father. It might mean that I actually grow up, but I doubt it.

In May 2019, we welcomed our wonderful daughter Fraggle into the world. (Yes, that’s her real name… No, of course it isn’t.) She was a small human when she arrived – tiny in fact, hence her needing lots of attention from us. She’s now a happy and healthy 8-month-old who is just the best human I have ever met. I am very, very much in love. This is good.

So, parenthood brings lots of changes to our life and the biggest one (in terms of Happy Little Life) has been how much time I have had to dedicate to my site. Now that things are a little more settled, and our daily and weekly routines are more stable, I am making a more determined effort with this whole project. 

Firstly, I’m going to aim to post two or three times a week, and hopefully vary them between the various sections of the site. No doubt my parenting journey will be permeated throughout the posts, but hopefully everything will still make sense to those not interested in parenting.

Secondly, I will be adding a Happy Baby section to the site. This should help to keep baby-related things in one place – easier for people to find my parenting posts as well as easier for people to avoid them too.

And finally, I have also set up my new Instagram account for this too. I update this almost daily, with my Grid being a feed of relatively evergreen posts that should resonate with most people, and my Stories being random stream-of-conciousness waffling of varying levels of entertainment. Naturally, I would recommend that you head over to my Instagram account and follow me. Tell your friends to do the same, as it will make the whole world a better place if they do (possibly).


Not a new start, just recommencing after a brief pause…

I’ve had many plans in place ready for when I was able to come back to this project on a more regular and dedicated basis, and that’s now. I’ll be adding more and more recipes (baby-friendly and adult-friendly), sharing more adventures, and spending more time in the garden and allotment too. If there’s anything you’d like more or less of, it’s best to go and message me on Instagram, or via my Facebook page.

So here’s to a great year ahead, full of exciting new things. Hurrah!