The Annapurna Range

From the Lakeside Tranquility of Pokhara to the Tea Houses above the Clouds.

Cities in the Sky

A Spiritual Journey to ancient Kathmandu and Bhaktapur

Sarah & Sean

Sparks flying for a very special day

A Delicious Combination

Promotional Shots for a Kick-Ass Catering & Creative Duo

Scripts for Supper

Capturing the Moments when Theatre & Dining Collide

A Taste of Umbria

A Gastronomic Exploration of Central Italy’s Hidden Gem

Showcasing a Modern Team

Upbeat Contemporary Headshots for a modern Marketing Agency

Tom & Lea

A 14th Century Coaching Inn sees a 21st Century Wedding

POP@White Moose

Showcasing Spectacular One-Off Art Exhibitions

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Modern Photography with a Unique Perspective

Every photograph tells a story.
Those stories should be something special – from capturing a moment of love, or joy, to showcasing craftsmanship and artistic flair, and even adventures to distant lands. By approaching each subject with the aim of producing natural, candid and honest photography, I strive to not only capture the moment, but to tell the story too.


Portrait Photography

The human subject – simultaneously simple and complex.

Portraying a sense of identity and character, in editorial and art portraiture through to headshots for performers and corporate professionals, with individuality and humanity at its heart.

Travel & Photojournalism

Street photography, expeditions, wildlife, and landscapes. The variety of on-location shoots is endless, making each one an adventure in itself.

Commercial & Product Photography

Promotional photography for businesses requires an eye for detail, consideration for the audience, and an understanding of the brand message. My experience covers studio-based shoots, on-location model shoots, and in-situ product & service photography. These photos have gone on to be used in print, digital & social media.

Wedding Photography

I am not a wedding photographer. I am a photographer who shoots weddings.

With a candid, reportage style I capture the human elements of each occasion – from the anticipation of preparations, the formality of the ceremony, the joining of families, and the celebration of love.

Black Label Private Photography

Confidentiality Assured.

Fully private and non-portfolio shoots for high-profile individuals who require complete discretion.
From shooting private functions & events, through to celebrity weddings and family portraits.

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About Jamie

Ever since I got my first camera at the age of 6 I have been captivated by the power of photography. Employing a combination of studio and natural light techniques, my photographic works cover a wide range of situations from scenic vistas and urban street photography to candid weddings and studio headshots.

Everything I capture is underpinned by my belief in photography being honest, genuine, expressive and engaging. My reportage approach and understanding of art direction combine to create a style that stands out from the crowd while remaining understated.