Project: Behind The Curtain

This ongoing documentary photography project looks at the facets of life in the performing arts that very few get to see, let alone understand. By taking myself into the backstage world of theatres, rehearsal studios, wardrobe departments and even dressing rooms I hope to shine a spotlight on the demanding environment and endless hard work that goes into producing the shows we all love to watch.

By collaborating with theatre productions, dance studios, and individual practitioners in the off-stage shadows and beyond, my images will show the richness of humanity involved. Highlighting the unique skills, interpersonal connections, physical demands and emotional toils – all with candid authenticity and respect – audiences will better understand the blood sweat and tears that go into every moment of performance.

Scope of the Project

Those who have been involved in the performing arts understand that it permeates life, with expression and inspiration being drawn from within. The devotion that performers, creatives, technicians and directors put into all of their work comes from a life dedicated to perfecting skills and nurturing talents.

The images that I will continue to make throughout this project will encompass all ages and stages of performers from young children taking their first dance steps to award-winning veterans of stage and screen. The intricacies of prop details and set design will be positioned alongside production images to give a sense of scale and authenticity to the scenes.

Further to this, the trials and tribulations will also be shown. The unseen exhaustion and injuries are to be set beside the physical training and rehearsal moments to fill out the idea that the show must go on.

If you are a performer, creator, director or producer of any performing art, please feel free to get in touch.

I am working with parctitioners and companies across the UK, including touring productions, theatres, individual acts, students and teachers of all levels. Whether you are a full-time professional or a newcomer, I welcome all opportunities to consider collaboration.