Wedding Photography

First things first – I am not a wedding photographer.
I am a photographer who shoots weddings.

What’s the difference? Well, much like any photographer (be it a wedding specialist or not) we all have our own individual style and approach to creating our photos. The way I shoot weddings is by taking my documentary photographic style and immersing myself into telling the story. I capture the romance, the joy, and the special moments of the day in a candid and relaxed style. No awkward poses, just the memories of your wonderful wedding day with the people you love.

Well, what can we say? Jamie made our day just that bit more special.

We had the pleasure of having Jamie photograph our wedding day, not only was he an absolute pleasure to be around, the photos he took were phenomenal and captured the essence of what makes us, well, us.

Throughout the whole day Jamie made us and our guests feel so at ease, and the shots he took were just outstanding, from candid shots of our day, to the posed (but yet somehow natural feeling) shots after the ceremony.

We could not recommend Jamie more to capture your special day, as he was well liked by all of our guests who had only nice things to say about him at all and not only that, he is a genuinely lovely guy and a fantastic photographer.”

Tanika & Nathan Dunscombe

“I had the pleasure of Jamie capturing my special day last year, and I can’t express enough how glad I am that Jamie was my wedding photographer – I wouldn’t know where to begin with describing what a great experience he made it, but I’ll try…!

From beginning to end Jamie was exactly where he needed to be, putting guests at ease and providing an instantly comfortable environment with his friendly demeanour. At many points you would not have known that he wasn’t one of our cherished guests, he blended so seamlessly into the event.

Afterwards, many people came up to me to tell me what a fantastic guy he was, and how he made even the most camera shy individuals feel confident in the pictures he was taking. I am beyond pleased with the pictures, whether candid or posed each one has heart and truly captured a moment.

I would highly recommend Jamie, both for his outstanding photography skills and warm and friendly character.”

Sarah Penney

“You only get a single shot at capturing your wedding. Anyone who’s planned their special day knows it’s hard to trust anyone with a job this important – but you need an expert. Unfortunately, it’s near impossible to know how they’ll perform, however great their portfolio looks or how high their prices… With Jamie, I felt like I had another spouse on board!

From our very first meeting he helped us work out the best times and places to pose that worked with our itinerary. He used his expertise to suggest shots and improve on our suggestions in a way we could understand, while being respectful of our wishes. On the day itself he blew us away, delivering everything he said he would and more. The pictures (on his website!) were even better than expected, and he had so much energy moving around to get the best angles and putting our guests at ease that I was exhausted just looking at him, but he never slowed down. I’ve recommended Jamie to all my engaged friends, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to you as well.”

Tom Hoskins

Wedding Packages

Every wedding is as unique as the couple getting hitched, and your photography should be no different.

Not everyone wants or needs the same things, so I prepare a package for each wedding accordingly. Some weddings are small and intimate, so there’s no need for thousands of photographs over several hours. Others are larger affairs, with a long day and night of celebrations that might require more than one photographer to capture the action.

What I do offer every single couple is a personal touch, a real understanding of what your day is about, and how best we can tell your story in a way that brings smiles to faces for years and years to come.

So whether you are just wanting photos of the ceremony, or you’re having a big weekend bash in a country palace, I can make sure that your special day filled with memories is cherished forever.